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IP Cases to Watch – February 20, 2014 – Group 4

In presenting “IP Cases to Watch,” Group 4 offered something for everyone with the latest important patent, trademark, and copyright cases. Slides here.

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Hot Topics in International IP Law – October 25, 2012 (Group 2)

Group 2 treated the Inn to a tour of the world with “Hot Topics in International IP Law,” including:

  • Effecting Hague Convention service abroad – Michael Atkins
  • Madrid system strategies for international trademark filings – Julianne Henley
  • IP isses in Germany – Gina Culbert, Rich Medway, Steve McGrath, and Cyrus Christenson
  • IP issues in China and Taiwan – Michael Zachary and Ching-Yi Chiu

The presentation slide deck is viewable here.

More photos from the night:

Photo credits: Ching-Yi Chiu and Mark Walters